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Weekly prayer and discussion meeting
Every Saturday
9am - 10am
Peniel Revival Center
1141 S 2nd Street
Louisville, KY 40203 
(Note: If the streets are closed in downtown Louisville due to special events, we will not meet)


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David Barton of has come out with a list explaining why Barack Obama is the most Biblically hostile President of all time. While most of these stories have been seen before, seeing them all laid out in one list is pretty astonishing.   In case you are not familiar with David Barton, he is the foremost historian on US history especially on our founding fathers. 


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Featured Document 

The Plan to Destroy America

This is a must have document for your own personal information as well as to distribute to other that care about America.   
This document is based on the award winning film, AGENDA, which exposes George Soros, The Rockefellar Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation as well as other groups undermining America by such things as funding Planned Parenthood (a eugenic organization trying to eliminate the black race in America), destroying morality and the home by starting the sexual revolution through the fraudulent work of Alfred Kinsey.

The report compares the Communist goals, Platforms of the Democrat Party and Republican Party, and the Biblical World View. 

Download your free copy at


Watch a trailer of The Agenda 2 at after you watch the trailer, you will want  your own copy of the movie to show to others. We are selling copies of the Agenda 2 DVD for $6 including shipping, or you can pick it up at our office for $6. E-mail us at if you are interested, or call us at 502-893-2444.


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Recently, Alan Mercurio from Mercurio Wealth Advisors spoke to the American Family Association board to explain how most people are losing thousands of dollars a year to Uniformed or Ill-informed Planning techniques. We found this information to be very interesting and potentially helpful for our members. His talk focuses on the typical cost of most investment, tax and estate planning and how many individuals are unaware or have very little knowledge about the amount they are truly paying in fees and excess taxes. He offers a three step review process and can find ways to send less money to Uncle Sam and help AFA at the same time. For more information, click HERE.