American Family Association of KY

American Family Association of Kentucky

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Reclaim Our Communities!

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Who Funds the Radical Left?

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Kentuckians for an Abortion-free State

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SB17 Becomes KY Law

On March 16th, 2017, Governor Matt Bevin signed SB17 into Kentucky state law. This is a substantial victory for liberty for Kentucky public school students. Also, make sure that students and parents of students know that they can pray during non-class time.

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Weekly prayer and discussion meeting
Every Saturday
9am - 10am
Peniel Revival Center
1141 S 2nd Street
Louisville, KY 40203 
(Note: If the streets are closed in downtown Louisville due to special events, we will not meet)


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Featured Document 

The Plan to Destroy America

This is a must have document for your own personal information as well as to distribute to other that care about America.   
This document is based on the award winning film, AGENDA, which exposes George Soros, The Rockefellar Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation as well as other groups undermining America by such things as funding Planned Parenthood (a eugenic organization trying to eliminate the black race in America), destroying morality and the home by starting the sexual revolution through the fraudulent work of Alfred Kinsey.

The report compares the Communist goals, Platforms of the Democrat Party and Republican Party, and the Biblical World View. 

Download your free copy at


Agenda 2 Film Trailer

Agenda Documentary Website


*Pro-Life...every stage of life matters...
*Pro-Limited Government...Rights Reserved for the States...
*Pro-2nd Amendment...Citizens 'Right to Bear Arms'... *Pro-Traditional Marriage...One Man-One Woman